The Parish Planning Council serves Good Shepherd Parish as a long-range, or strategic, planning group not as a managerial committee making decisions on day-to-day operations. We continue to work with our Pastoral Plan of Goals and Objectives consisting of four main areas: Parish Life, Parish Communications, Parish Growth, and Stewardship. The group generally meets one Friday evening, or Saturday morning, per month for 2 hours at the parish center. Our current council consists of clergy and parish staff; plus active parishioners, who are serving 3-year-terms until March, 2016:

Bill Bennett             508-693-1897

Gail Burke          508-693-0131

Walter Burke          508-693-0131

Angela Candreva  508-808-5395

Joe Capobianco  508-274-1170

Sue Clements                508-693-1591

Ann Davis                508-693-6848

Valerio Destefani         508-250-3233

Beth Mello  508-693-0342

Melissa Moore  508-645-9598

Fr. Michael Nagle     508-878-0331

Sue Pagliccia    480-276-3071


Parish Growth in 2014 and beyond

Good Shepherd Parish has recently launched a new Growth Committee whose mission is to

–help the parish grow and bring people back to church by

— Building a stronger sense of belonging among our people and

— Encourage them to engage in more sharing, interaction, and dialogue so that we may

— Reach out more effectively to others

— In new ways that will encourage them to join us and share our rich spirituality.
Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do! Come be a part of the change at Good Shepherd Parish. The newly formed Growth Committee members are:

Carmen Amadeo  508-693-2797

Mark Clements  508-693-1591

Esther Deming  508-696-6953

Valerio Destefani  508-250-3233

Elaine Miller  508-274-6475

Stephanie Miller


Ken Roache   704-953-3797

If you have any ideas on how we can accomplish this monumental task, or to get involved, please speak to any of our Growth Committee members.