Volunteer Opportunities

Community Events

Breakfast (TBD/on hold)   contact Joe Capobianco  508-274-1170  joecappy@goodshepherdmv.com

-Lobster Roll Sale    (Joe Capobianco, same as above)

-Tisbury Street Fair    (Joe Capobianco, same as above)

-Halloween Celebration    (Joe Capobianco, same as above)

-Christmas Tea & Raffle   Bernice Lopes 508-693-0342  bernicelopes@goodshepherdmv.com

Liturgical Ministries

-Eucharistic Ministers     contact Walter Burke   burkewg@comcast.net       508-693-0131

-Lectors      (Walter Burke, same as above)

-Greeters/Ushers (Walter Burke, same as above)

-Altar Servers  (Walter Burke, same as above)

-Altar Art/Environment  contact Judy Williamson  508-693-2700 or Susie Wallo  508-693-2209

Music Ministries

Year round at St. Augustine, Vineyard Haven

-4pm Vigil Mass Adult Choir contact Cindy Krauss 508-509-4141 cmkislander@gmail.com

–7pm Vigil Mass Portuguese Music Group contact Lucia Matos 508-726-5296 lucymatos1311@hotmail.com

-9am Children’s/Adult Choir (Cindy Krauss, same as above) Note: time changes to 8 am Mass in summer.

Summer additional Masses (last weekend June – Labor Day weekend)

all Sunday Masses at St. Elizabeth, Edgartown  (Cindy Krauss, same as above)

–  both Sunday Masses in Oak Bluffs: 9:30 am Our Lady Star of the Sea AND the Tabernacle-outdoors 4:00 pm. Contemporary Band contact Cheryl Lowe 774-563-0525  clowe@vineyard.net

Funeral Mass Choir (Cindy Krauss, same as above)

Other Ministries

-Baptismal Garments    contact Parish Office 508-693-0342

Community Suppers  TBD  contact Mary Ellen Larsen at 508-693-1103 or email her at melarsen1103@gmail.com

-The Food Baskets MV  contact Joe Capobianco  joecappy@goodshepherdmv.com

-Houses of Grace TBD (overnight shelter or day shelter:seasonal) 

-Prayer Shawls    contact Beth Mello  BethMello@goodshepherdmv.com  508-693-0342

-Prayer Chain    contact Parish Office 508-693-0342

Religious Formation

CGS Catechists & Aides    contact Sue Pagliccia 508-693-0342  sue@goodshepherdmv.com

Youth Ministry  contact Nate Schaff 508-693-0342  nate@goodshepherdmv.com